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What is BlockPrompt?

"Blockprompt" is a blockchain-based marketplace for buying and selling prompts for generative artificial intelligence (AI). Users can easily find, purchase, or sell a variety of AI prompts through this platform. This ensures high transparency and security, and notably, it protects the copyright and intellectual property rights of the creators. 

Earn from your Prompt Engineering skills

Sell your prompts on BlockPrompt and earn from your prompt crafting skills. Upload your prompt, connect with Stripe, and become a seller in just 2 minutes.


At Blockprompt, you can earn BLPT through a variety of activities. Users receive BLPT as a reward for actively contributing to the platform by participating in community activities, writing reviews, and creating new content. Additionally, extra rewards are provided to users who participate in  special events or challenges.  

NFT Marketplace 

Trade creativity freely! Explore unique digital artworks created by cutting-edge AI generators and seize the opportunity to showcase your own pieces to the world. Our NFT marketplace allows anyone to easily list and sell their works, ensuring safe transactions and transparent copyright management.


AI can be utilized to create content where Iron Man and Batman merge to fight villains. If it is impossible to prevent the creation of such derivative works, what measures can be taken to protect the intellectual property rights of the original creators?  

Subscribe to Content

 AI can be used to create a variety of contents such as webcomics, novels, digital art, animations, music, and interactive media, which can be produced and serialized. Content consumers can subscribe to and enjoy the contents they like.    

Hire a Prompt Engineer 

Save time and API costs by commissioning custom prompts from the best prompt engineers. Additionally, at BlockPrompt, anyone can  become a prompt engineer.   


Enter a prompt to generate content. The created content and prompt can be immediately sold. 

Merchandise Store 

 BlockPrompt Merchandise Store Open!  Discover unique and diverse AI-generated images on our merchandise. Visit the BlockPrompt Merchandise Store now to find your special items!